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Ha! that was pretty good/hilarious. Got a few chuckles out of me. I love crossovers! And I don't know I feel like Sonic would be 50/50 with sans since he's a bit of a sassy boi himself but after awhile I can see how Sans would annoy him.
Still hilarious though. Loved it.

we're all b*tch hermits now with this pandemic leaving us inside with nothing to do, going outside late at night, ordering and receiving things through mail, complaining about night shows, living on junk food, sleeping all day, etc....
we've all evolved to this....
I'm okay with it...just implode twitter and it'll be perfect.

sadly in today's society or at least the one's on twitter who I don't look at as humans because they're creatures who think the world should be perfect in every way possible. That there is no such thing is a flaw, but that's an oxymoron seeing how they're flawing by pointing out flaws that actually aren't and don't matter. hell they tried to (again) cancel PewDiePie because of the music he listens too...that's not even a flaw, they're just butthurt cause they don't like the guy believing in whatever the media tells them, and think he really is a horrible person; as if he's not allowed to make mistakes, as if he's not allowed to grow from past actions.
To me to be human you learn, you grow, you make mistakes, you learn again by it, and you keep growing as a better person.
If anything I never believed in cancel culture cause as I learned as you said, it's not long term. Let's say someone doesn't like my artwork---well that's okay, I'm not on twitter and continue my day as if it was any other day because at the end of the day your fans know you the best. No reason to be "sorry" about something that you like that they don't like. No reason to even cater to these creatures that scurry twitter...
Twitter is that horrible side of humanity that is bored, nothing to do, no job, no hobbies, no life and can't do anything productive with their time they can't even bother to learn something new themselves like game coding, or reading new books, or learning music or editing, something new, no--no they can't be botherd with that...they hope to be this pretend hero to impress others and by doing so makes them look like the fool.
I really wait the day twitter falls on itself just like MySpace did...cause God that website sucks to no end. So happy I left a year ago.

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aww she's so adorbs. And very happy lmao. Very well done

gotta go fast to kick your ass!!

this reminds me all too much of that episode where they fight sleepy sam.

" We are in--, the computer world--. We're computer boys--; not computer girls."
Jake: In a game, I can be, who I virtually am"
. Finn: "I can walk and sing - I can kill silly Sam!"

I miss this show....when Cartoon Network was at it's PRIME!

My hope/dream is to become a cartoonist, and an animator. I've been working on animations for awhile and I want to learn to become even better at them over time.
I'm getting there slowly but surely

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