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My hope/dream is to become a cartoonist, and an animator. I've been working on animations for awhile and I want to learn to become even better at them over time.
I'm getting there slowly but surely

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Posted by AnimeXtremex - 3 days ago

So I asked about Clip Studio and how it works, (Still wouldn't mind tips and advice if anyone wants to tell me)

Turns out, after fiddling with it for 2 weeks, sitting there like a goon, turns out it was my Tablet that doesn't sync with it.

Yeah apparently Clip Studio doesn't really do well with VEIKK tablets just....any other lol.

So here I am, sitting there for 2 weeks trying to learn this thing, even testing the brushes out be like "Wow why does this look like MS Paint bad? Wh-Why isn't this working? What is wrong with this thing?"

Even going through settings/preferences trying to see if there's something I'm missing

no it was just the tablet in general lol

So plan now is just use MediBang and then around my b-day which is in 2 months (March), buy a tablet that does sync well, and then go from there.

I won't get upset about it, just a tiny inconvenience. No biggy.


Posted by AnimeXtremex - 4 days ago

So I used to use MediBang, till one user on here, I forgot their name; told me to get Clip Studio! And I was all for it seeing how their animated gif looked and I liked how it looked.

So I figured for 50$ I could buy it and do both animations and my comics in it, you know a one for everything!

Though, I'd love some tips, tricks and help with what the settings should be.

MediBang was a bit more simplistic, (even though when I first used it of course it didn't seem that way lol)

But, I guess for questions sake as well---

IS EVERYTHING neccessary?! Like do you HAVE to use everything? Is there a specific settings I should put things on?

And even for pens and such, I'm a bit confused. They all look....chunky/pixel/not smooth.

Like how in MediBang it was a nice smooth line like butter. Here it's like Microsoft Paint kind of chunkiness. Not appealing at all.

More like pixelated.

And I have messed around with the sensitivity and no matter what, they say the higher the sensitivity the less the wobble and the more smooth.

This isn't true on my end.

But I figured perhaps because I just don't know.

And yes I can look for tutorials but they go so far deep into it, it makes my head spin! No lie!

Not even a yes or no answer or straight to the point, it's just "Do this to make this happen" but how do I make that thing happen when you're just explaining it as if I already knew what to do....

I'd love to start the new year, with Clip Studio. A new program to hopefully have better content in and even learn animations down the road.

But I figured one thing at a time, that I'd learn comics first, before anything else. Since I am a comic artist for the most part.

So can someone out there who does use Clip Studio help me?

Maybe even tell me what I can do to make the settings better or cool tips and tricks for things


even help me know what each brush does would be fantastic....Cause in MediBang I knew what each brush did. And what it was meant for.

It doesn't really tell you what each brush is for.

Like Pen in Medibang and Pencil was obvious, Pencil for sketches, Pen for lineart, grain was for texture, or sometimes for the ground to give it texture or even maybe blankets that I used it for and furniture. Fragment I used for air particles, mapping pen was something I used for shading and shadowing.

It was that simple.

I knew what each brush was for

Here it's a bit confusing. But I want to learn cause I feel like I could improve since each time I do switch to a different program....expect Krita since that was more for "painting"

For me, if you look at my stuff, I make cartoons and such. I don't need fancy shading but it's nice to know the option is there if I want it.

But just aiming for like cartoon/anime kind of settings. Umm...it's hard to explain unless you kind of looked at my gallery for a moment.

But please, any help is all I can ask for.

I'll still look around for my answers, but it's nice to also ask on an art website such as this one. And I hope someone with experience would be so kind to tell me what I'm doing wrong or what I can do to improve.

Oh and I don't use a tablet, I use a pc with my pen and tablet.

So just saying what I use since I know it can be used for tablets. But this is used on pc. And I don't know if there's a difference between pc and tablet settings. There could be.

But I digress,

I'd so very much appreciate it. I really want to learn.

I wish I had someone in real life to teach me considering it's easier to understand for me when someone can actually show me.

So, if anyone can tell me, thank you! Know that I do appreciate all the help!