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My hope/dream is to become a cartoonist, and an animator. I've been working on animations for awhile and I want to learn to become even better at them over time.
I'm getting there slowly but surely

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Since I can't really post updates on this website, other than writing...my only option is...writing lol.

Thing is; I've been making comics for almost 15 years since I started around 15 and I'm 27.

Thing is, yes comics are a great way to tell a story; but there's one thing I've been really wanting to do more than anything.

Was make proper animations

Sure you've seen some on here already

but those were made in MediBang, a program with no animator, I just did it with lots of layers.

and yes even though animation is made of layers and folders, thing is---I had to try to match it with voices or music. Only because I had to open Adobe and then go by that. So I'd be doing it slowly but surely.

at least on an animator I can put in the audio alongside the animation so no longer would I be guessing! and if I needed an extra frame I could do it right then and there

and for so long my excuse was "I have no animator"

well I have one now, I have Clip Studio and even though limited too 24 frames because I only bought the 48$ version and not the 219$ one (yet), i can't make too many frames but I still can make animations it'll just be saved by parts. which I'm used too anyway.

But I don' have an excuse anymore; and even though it's new to me; I do have one mini series that I can make that I've been wanting to make to help me learn Clip Studio. I believe I have a good understanding of it, and really I can watch all the tutorials I want, for me, I'm hands on learner, we all have our different ways to animate

Some like to make the body and then layer for the head or arms etc like each part of the body of a character has it's own separate layer to animate

but for me, I rather just copy frame and then move it slowly but just redrawing that part or just moving it by using select tool. Which is what I've been doing. It's only "clunky" because as said Medibang isn't used for it, and I was guessing. Here I don't even need to guess...

But yeah, from now on I want to focus more on animations. Comics are fun yes, but they take up a lot more time just for one page when at least if doing something it's animated, I have voice actors, and I have no excuse lol.

If anything; some people don't know on here---I've been 3D modeling, I'm almost done with the base model so that way I don't have to really go back and make the body over and over again cause the characters pretty much have the same body type. Just spatter doesn't and it's going to be tricker and maybe I can find something on that.

But thing is---I never thought for once I'd 3D model and the reason for it, is because I want to get into game deving

so if I can do all that---

there's no reason I can't 2D animate

So I have no excuses not even my high laziness

However, it won't really be the end of comics for me; cause I have another series, side-series, that I used to write just stories/novels about it. But I made it when I was around 13 and when growing up I re-edited a lot of it until I was 18.

I gave up on it because really no one reads anymore and I don't know many with Amazon Kindle....

I tried at least---

but I didn't try enough

I did suggest it in my head years ago to turn it into a comic, but the problem was I was low on myself to where I said I didn't think I was good enough to draw them in that way cause I'd look at other artists and get jealous.

Now-a-days I could care less lol.

Yes I care about my quality of what I make, no matter how little or stupid it is, which is why everything take so long---but now I don't really look at other's artwork and judge myself over it. I just continue doing what I'm doing.

So that will be a black and white manga

HOWEVER you won't see it on here

it'll be a Patreon and DA exclusive membership only thing cause there are mature themes and yes there are mature themes here very much so, but I dunno I feel like it wouldn't----okai I want to say it wouldn't feel legit, but then again people still to this day make fun of DA because of what's posted on it. Even though there are high quality of artwork on it

but there are no "members/sub" too only option on here for when uploading. Not that I know of at least.

But hey if you want to see it, it'll be on there.

Maybe I'll post a teaser on here every so often.

But other than that, yeah animations are going to be now in the making!

I have a lot of work ahead of me lol